Why Do I Need a New Boiler?

A new boiler may seem like a lot of money at first, but when you consider all of the money you will save in the long run on bills and repairs, it's not quite as expensive as it might seem.
While boilers may be built to last a considerable amount of time. technology has developed so rapidly in recent years that your old boiler just can’t offer the same benefits a boiler replacement can. If you are considering a boiler replacement with our gas engineers, this blog post is a good place to start.

A new boiler means new savings

As boilers get old, they become worn and do not operate as well as they once did. If you have noticed your bills climbing over recent years, it could be because your boiler is becoming more and more inefficient. Unfortunately, it is hard to stop his happening as it occurs through constant use and wear. Servicing annually will slow the process but can’t stop it completely.
However, treating your home to a new boiler can help considerably and your boiler will begin to pay for itself over time. Not only this, but higher efficiency means greater temperature control with your water and central heating.

A new boiler means helping the environment

As well as saving you money, having a more efficient boiler benefits the environment too. High efficiency means less energy is wasted, meaning less energy is needed in the first place. Because of this, less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, reducing your carbon footprint and reducing global warming.
So, while you enjoy saving yourself some extra money with your new boiler, you can also enjoy doing your bit for the environment without even realising it!

A new boiler gives you peace of mind

Boiler replacements may be an expensive investment, but an old boiler can be just as expensive when it breaks down or requires repairs every five minutes. Because of this, you may be cheaper to just replace your faulty boiler and give yourself some peace of mind that it is going to run as it should for many years to come.
However, it is still a great idea to get your new boiler serviced annually with our gas engineers so we can spot any small problems and check everything is working as it should.

Ready for a new boiler in Swindon?

We hope this blog post has persuaded you to book an appointment for a new boiler with our gas engineers! Here at Aquaplumb, we offer a range of boiler services and operate in Swindon, Wiltshire, Cirencester, Lechlade and Cricklade. To get in touch, fill out our contact form. Alternatively, email us at neil@aquaplumb.biz or give us a call on 01793 200 015.